Michiel Procé

Hello! My name is Michiel Procé, and I'm a game programmer from Groningen, the Netherlands.

If you'd like to get to know me better, please contact me at

Offshore Energy Game

The goal of the Offshore Energy Game is to meet the energy demand of the mainland with green energy from the sea. The complexity and learning outcomes of the game are hidden within all the possible options. Every decision affects the costs and sustainability of the project and the energy grid so teamwork and discussions are a must to make the best decisions.

The Offshore Energy Game was first created as a physical board game to educate people about the energy transition on the North Sea. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the desire had arisen to make a digital version of the game. We picked it up with a small team of 5 people from the Game Bakery, where I was in charge of programming. The game was released as a multiplayer game, where the game state was synchronised on all of the clients.



You find yourself in a void between worlds with a headless peasant, a mysterious woman and an arrogant old man. Somehow, a commanding voice and a good kick don't seem to have an effect on these presumptuous people!

I really enjoy point & click games, so when the Adventure Jam 2023 was around the corner, I assembled a team at the Game Bakery, and joined the jam. I spent two weeks programming all the systems in Unity and connecting it with articy:draft. I also guarded the project scope and consulted with all team members to ensure we’d have a finished product at the end of the jam.

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The Stargazer Epics

Select crewmates and set out on haphazard space missions to earn fame and glory. Upon your every return, share your experience as an epic story to impress your fellow bar patrons and thrill-seekers in-game, or real-life friends via social media!

I built the prototype for The Stargazer Epics, a concept by Multiverse Narratives. By using Unity to create the gameplay and Articy to drive all the narrative elements, we were able to create the prototype in a limited timeframe and quickly iterate on the design.


Listen. Repeat. Understand. Can you save the villagers living on an active volcano? Make your way to the top while you're trying to learn and speak a language you don't understand.

Working together with Multiverse Narratives, I helped to polish the Eloquence demo and get it to a level where it’s suitable for pitching.

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Bark Souls

Get pleasantly lost in a large wintery forest, together with your dog and other players with their dogs! The game features online multiplayer so for maximum enjoyment, send the game to some friends and boot it up!

Every year a team from the Game Bakery joins the Global Game Jam. I’ve been a part of that team since 2019. Bark Souls (2021) is one of the highlights for me. This was the first jam to be held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to create a multiplayer game so people could be together. The game received an award for best technical achievement.

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Game Bakery

The Game Bakery is a co-operative of game developers and other creative pioneers, who all work on (decidedly game-related) projects. This is done in a manner similar to how bread is baked: proficiently, patiently and lovingly.

I’ve been a member of the Game Bakery since 2019. When I’m not behind the PC, I love to organise events, do odd jobs around the building and make sure our cupboards are well-stacked with coffee and tea. I’m also part of the board as treasurer.


Innova 4D

It is not always easy to get the government, stakeholders or citizens involved in change in the living environment. Spatial processes often take a long time and not everyone at the table has the same imagination capability. With Innova 4D we show in real-time the impact of spatial choices. In this way we make spatial plans transparent, negotiable and assessable.

I’ve helped my client with the more technically challenging parts of their product. This includes the tweaking of the project to run smoothly in a pixel streaming environment. I’ve also implemented a UI and other functionality based on designs in Adobe XD.


Innova Viewer

Innova Planviewer is an online communication tool for presenting spatial projects. In the application, interactive maps can be combined with 3D visualisations, animations, 360 degree panoramas and much more. In this way we provide everyone involved in the project with all the information they need in an accessible manner.

Working together with the client, we came up with a solution to create an interactive map for the planning of the development of a large area in the Netherlands.

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Escape Flow

Escape Flow is a node-based tool to connect and automate all the elements of a physical or digital escape room.

This tool was created during the development of a physical escape room at the game bakery. Since this escape room was getting quite big in scope, the need had arisen for a tool to maintain the overview. It was a nice challenge to create a tool that could be operated by anyone (not just programmers). Also, it was a nice challenge to think of the networking solution for the escape room.


Just-Flow is a tool made to support gamification workshops. Users can login and access teaching materials and upload their own assignments. Administrators can organise their courses how they want.

I’ve created a custom web-app built with react for this assignment. The design was already provided for me in Figma. The main challenge was to keep everything secure, since there are different users with different levels of access.


KvK (CoC): 75229315

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